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Renee Mendler (b.1979) is a contemporary artist originally from Upstate New York now residing in Tampa, Florida with her husband, three children and three dogs. Growing up as the only child at home, bullied by peers for being quiet and introverted, she lacked a healthy outlet to truly express herself. After receiving a master’s in education and teaching high school mathematics she ultimately found her true passion for painting.  She paints across many abstract styles and mediums including resin, highly textured acrylics, and various mixed media. Her work is the result of long and ongoing experiments and study with different techniques and will undoubtedly keep on evolving through time.


 Artist Statement


My artwork is inspired by the wonders of nature, love of family and my own emotional responses to color, texture, and design. I also credit sobriety for allowing me to truly feel and be present when I paint.  I find beauty and excitement in the freedom of my abstract painting process. Color and movement take over the surface and create radiant, enchanting works. Sometimes, I do not have a plan or idea when I begin. I let the paint and my emotions take over and upon completion I feel as though the reason was there all along. My artwork expresses what words cannot say.


Blogs/Online Media

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"3 Artists that are Transforming Fluid Resin Painting."  November 30,2017:

"The Resin Artist's Home Decor." October 19, 2017:



May 2017: Cover and main feature in Houston Barnard Living magazine

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