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Renee Mendler is a contemporary artist best known for her free-flowing resin abstracts. Her artwork is inspired by the wonders of nature and her own emotional responses to color, texture, and design. She paints across many abstract styles and mediums including resin, acrylics, and various mixed media.

She finds beauty and excitement in the freedom of her abstract painting process. Color and movement take over the surface and create radiant, enchanting works. Each painting is completely original, made from her own unique painting process.  “When I begin, I let my emotions take over and upon completion I feel as though I expressed what words cannot say.”  Based on acrylics, mixed media, and resin, her work is the result of long and ongoing experiments and study with different techniques and will undoubtedly keep on evolving through time.


Self-taught, she previously worked as a math teacher for 10 years before pursuing a career as an artist. "Mathematics and art are more related than one would think.  There is a dance between the two disciplines.  Visual imagery of the ebb and flow of equations can construct beautiful abstract compositions.”

Renee divides her time between being a stay at home mom to three amazing children, and painting every second she gets in her at home studio. 


Blogs/Online Media:

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May 2017: Cover and main feature in Houston Barnard Living magazine

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